Dismissal Procedures

During the first days of school we will document and establish each child's "going  home" routine. This is done by noting how the child arrives at school, and assuming s/he will go home the same way unless we are specifically informed  otherwise. For instance, a child arriving on Bus 123, will be put on Bus 123 in the     afternoon, unless the parent has made clear the different afternoon routine. Once  this "going home" routine has been established, it will not be changed without express written instructions from the parent.


If you need to change your child's "going home" routine, either temporarily for a day  or permanently, you must put the change in writing (the yellow pad you have received is perfect for this purpose) and send the written change to school with the child. If your written note involves a bus change (different bus or different stop), please include the bus number and the bus stop.


We will not accept a child's verbal insistence that they have a different "going    home" method for the day. Children are easily confused with details such as date and time. We must have your request in writing.


Special Note: E-mailing the teacher is not an acceptable way to change      your child’s going home routine, and these requests will not be honored.  1) On any given day, your child’s teacher could be absent with a sub in the room who is not reading e-mail. 2) Teachers have limited amounts of time to check their e-mail, and they may not even see your request until children are  dismissed. 3) There are times when our e-mail servers are down, and we are       not receiving e-mail.